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Honorata Staševska

Honorata Staševska

Mamareklama | Lithuania

REVIEV 2023:

First of all, I would like to thank you for the invitation and care. You are great.

The PROMO SHOW 2023 fair was colorful, full of joy with numerous exceptional exhibitors, which emphasized the foundations of the advertising fair. The exhibitors’ offers complemented each other. Changing the location of the fair is a huge plus, a large number of exhibitors, excellent access, which is important for everyone, both for exhibitors and visitors.

We had the opportunity to meet and talk with our suppliers, or rather with friends, because relationships in this business are the most important. We also managed to meet completely new suppliers and their wide range of products.

Big applause for the organizers. The fair was wonderfully organized, every detail was thought of and it was felt at every stage: from arrival, parking lot to the evening gala for exhibitors and invited guests.

In fact, we have been visiting PROMO SHOW from the very beginning and watched this „little baby” grow up.

For many years, we could not imagine the beginning of the year without visiting other fairs, but life is fickle, so now we associate the beginning of the new year only with the PROMO SHOW fair.

So once again, congratulations on a successful fair and we wish the whole team further development, trusted partners and new ideas that will please us all.

REVIEV 2022:

The enlargement of the Promo Show Professional formula to PROMO SHOW is most welcome by our agency. Especially if the level is maintained or raised even further. In any case, expansion will give the opportunity to meet new suppliers or visit already familiar, but no less valuable. After all, trade fairs are not only business meetings, but also interpersonal relations, which have recently been curtailed and are so important for people. This will be especially helpful if they are suppliers interested in doing business abroad. Therefore, on behalf of myself and MAMA, I wish you every success in the new formula – as a PROMO SHOW.