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PROMO SHOW is a unique opportunity for us to present dothat products, establish new business relationships and share experiences and inspirations with partners from various places around the world.

Participation in the PROMO SHOW 2024 allowed us to promote our unusual solutions, such as ekonewka (personalized watering can caps for bottles) and shoelace decorations.

As dothat, we won 1st place twice in the SUPER GIFT competition, for which we would like to thank the voters and organizers!
Curious about what’s new, we can’t wait for the next editions of this must-have event for every brand in the advertising industry.


The PROMO SHOW 2023 for the dothat brand is a unique opportunity to establish new business relationships with partners from both Poland and abroad. The uniqueness of this event lies in its international character and the meeting with representatives of advertising companies from various parts of the world.

It’s not only a place for presenting innovative dothat solutions but also for exchanging experiences and inspirations, which is why we are delighted to be a part of these exceptional trade fairs. We are already planning numerous attractions at our trade fair stand that will surely surprise the visitors of this year’s PROMO SHOW 2024!