Josef Kropáček

Josef Kropáček

Intelsol | The Czech Republic

I would like to say how satisfied we were with this year. Everything was more easy for us. Same hotel as last year, same place at EXPO XXI with lot’s of parking slots ands two hals are right enough. Not too much and not small at all. Very good idea with move gala just to the next hale from the fair. It was pleasure to see you again and we are look forward to next year!

REVIEV 2023:

We are glad that you grew up so much after just one year and move from Hilton to Expo XXI Warsaw. The new place is big enough to all exhibitors and visitors need. Very good choice! Also organization was very good and thank you once again for hotel accomodation and for a successful fair!

REVIEV 2022:

We liked the smaller version of the fair, where we had more time for each exhibitor. We liked the Professional’s version of the Promo Show at the Novotel and Hilton even more than the big Remadays trade show. But if the organizer intends to change the location and make a much bigger event with more exhibitors, we will definitely meet again, because we already know the quality and setting and we know that the new PROMO SHOW will be perfectly prepared.